Exam Fever!

Five Things that Exams made us do!


1) For When You Just Don’t Give A Shit


The examiner is shouting “TIME’S UP – HAND IN THE PAPERS PLEASE” and for once you just don’t give a shit about WHAT the examiner is saying, you just wanna write ONE MORE WORD – JUST ONE MORE WORD =P

The value of that ONE WORD *Sigh*

2) Get a balance diet by Excessive Eating

excessive eating

OH! This is what happens to me – hope you have the same problem. Everyone saying, get a balanced diet – you will be active, Yeah i have a balance diet – I am eating all the time during exams YAYY!

3) Facebook “I Miss You”

How is it possible that you don’t check you Facebook after every five minutes. This happens to me, if it’s not the case with you than TRUST ME – YOU ARE BLESSED!facebook and exam

4) My only Friend during exam “SLEEP”


No matter what I do, I am always sleepy during the exam week. I watch seasons till 5.00 am in the morning, i plan fun nights with my cousins – I just don’t understand the Chemistry of Exams with sleep. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND. They are so directly proportional to each other.

5) “Last Minute” Preparations

last inute
As soon as I think of examination preparation, the scene that flashes before my eyes is a frantic image of shuffling through piles of books and notes and making numerous unsuccessful attempts to register things into my brains. And this all happens just 5 minutes BEFORE EXAM!
Seriously these Exams – Freak me out!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Umair says:

    I am amazed how during exams u have extra time to share ur feelings and making such a comprehensive webpage. anyhow, i appreciate the efforts…

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