For the Love of 90’s in Pakistan

90s-39690’s saw an era of relative charm especially if you were associated with Pakistan, even better if you grew up home. From yasoo-panjoo-haar-qabootar-doli to charismatic cricketing legends to undoubtedly the best musical era we have ever witnessed.This post is inspired from a Facebook status I recently came across. After reading it realized that how much our young generation is missing. The status was “Nothing can beat being a 90’s kid in Pakistan”. Surprisingly it was followed by more than 700 comments. It made me nostalgic and forced me to write this post.

I am writing this post because i don’t want to forget, how awesome it was being a kid in 90’s. I don’t want to loose those memories again. So, I tried my level best to write everything I remember about 90’s.

It was 90’s when:

Playing on the street was so much fun. Sadly we were the last generation to hold this great tradition alive.

Murree was the best place on earth.

We had “one”, “two” and “five” Rs notes.

You would say “Good Morning Mam/Miss” and “Good After-noon Mam/Miss”. You had to ask “Ma’am/Miss may I come in” before entering a class, and you had to stand up to answer questions during a lesson.

Sit/Stand while holding your ears, Murghi, and sitting in the bad-kid section was the usual punishment. And the good girls would sit with the bad boys in a vain attempt to civilize them.

Taking pictures was a huge deal with that “Reel wala camera”.

Before sleeping you used to listen to your grandparents stories.

We didn’t have cell phones, laptops, iPad’s or internet and life was so simple.

It was 90’s when TV didn’t disappointed:

Your day began with Mustansar Hussain Tarar’s  morning show “Subah Bakhair”. He called himself the Cha-Cha jee of all Pakistani children and soon became known with that title.

Evenings on STN/NTM were the highlight of your day. You wouldn’t miss those t.v shows for anything.

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie (ABC), Dhuwaan, Ashiyaana, Family front, Pas-e-Aina, Shashlick, Teen Bata Teen and many other shows like these were the limelight of prime time.

When advertisements were cool and so much fun to watch.

For the Love of nineties 7

“Bil Patori naasa chori aadhi mithi aadhi kori I’m sorry I’m sorry” was popular. As do “ZAAAAAYYYMEEENAAAA!!!” and “Mein kon hoon, mein kya karoon, mein kiss ko khaaon” and “Ulloo ulloo hello, ulloo ulloo hello.”

Your whole world revolved around The Jet-sons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thuder Cats, Ainak wala jin, Seasme street and Captain Planet. You had nightmares about Bil Patori and Haamoon Jadoogar.

For the Love of nineties 2

You’d watch Disney Hour dubbed in Hindi on Zee TV. You never missed “Hum Paanch” (Pa-Pa-Pa-PAANCH!) or Tu Tu Mein Mein either.

You wanted to be on the Crystal Maze, Gulls and Guys, The Legends of the Hidden Temple and such shows.

Pakistani media industry had legends like Shoaib Mansoor and Moin Akhter.

It was 90’s when we played:

For the Love of nineties 4“Kings” in school (the game where the first person to yell “Kings” would try to step on someone’s foot. Then that person would try to step on someone else’s foot and so forth).

“Queens” (essentially the same thing as “Kings”) and “Kish,” that weird jumping game that involved a loop of elastic (usually made out of a few shalwars’ worth of elastic tied together, snuck secretly because the mums would get sick of their daughters wasting a perfectly good roll of elastic.)

Dark Room, Tilo-Express, Oonch Neech, Chor-Sipahi, Tip-top, Kona-Kona and Chupan Chupai.

Dodge the Ball, it was the only co-ed sport that was played at that time and girls were actually pretty good at it.

Cricket and football only, depending on which world cup was going on at the time.

5 words game: Yassoo-Panjoo-Haar-Kabootar-Doli.

Sega-Mega Drive, Atari, Mario brothers and Super Nintendo (Duck shooting game).

Coolest clapping games; “Cham Cham Cham,” “O Pillar,” and “Zig Zag Zoo.”

You had a very creative way of making and breaking friendships. You had “kutti” (pinkie finger) with your enemies and “sullah” (index+middle finger) with your friends.

You decided conflicts not by rock-paper-scissors, but by Pugan-Pugaai, In Pin Safety Pin, or Akar-Bakar-Bambay-Bo.

“HAWWWW-HAYEEE”, “Idiot,” “Shut Up” or “Badtameez” were the only curse words you used.

It was 90’s when instead of Chinese, Spanish or Turkish:

For the Love of nineties 5

You drank Pepsi with Super Crisp chips for 10Rs (And it was enough for party). You would drank juice and when you were done, you’d chuck the juice box on the floor and jump on it to burst it.

Instead of making lines at school canteen everyone would drove the canteen walay uncle mad by screaming at the top of their lungs.

You shafted Polka Ice Cream because Walls became popular. And yes, you used to wait for the Ice Cream wala in the afternoon.

Walls wasn’t as good as the Challi Walla and Gollay walla

Top-Pops, Ding Dong, Jubilee, Fanta/Coca-cola candies, Budha jawan churan, Tulsi, Crunchies, Slanties, Bunties and 7Rs Pepsi were Love.

It was 90’s when in Cricket:

For the Love of nineties 6

We won the world cup in 1992.

You idolized Imran Khan even though he was retired when you were 2 or 3, and wiped your face with your Pepsi bottle or Frost juice because he did it in that ad.

We had the best team ever playing at the 1999 Cricket World Cup with Shoaib Akhtar, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis bowling. We were amazed when Pakistan qualified for the finals of the 99′ World Cup against Australia (but only for them to screw it up in the end).

Wasim Akram’s “mein cigarette nahi peeta” ad made half your generation vow to never smoke.

It was 90’s when:

For the Love of nineties 1

Fakhr-e-Alam hosted the Top Ten on NTM and his “Bhangra Rap” was the best.

Awaz, Junoon, Jupiters, Vital Signs, Ali Haider and Nazia Hassan ruled your hearts.

Aamir Zaki and Salman Ahmed were the coolest guitarists

“Jaadoo Ka Charagh” by Awaz, “Aitbaar” by vital signs, “Puraani Jeans” by Ali Haider, “Mann de Moaj” by Hadiqa Kayani, “Yaro yehi dosti hai” by jupiters and “Sayonee” by Junoon were enough to get you crazy.

You had cassettes and VCR’s.

You begged your parents for a Walkman and then bought cassettes of Vital Sign albums, or if you were really cool, Junoon.

14th August meant it’s time for singing Milli Naghmay on streets.

You were really sad because Awaz and Vital Signs disbanded.


It was 90’s when you went crazy because your dad bought his first ever mobile, and you wouldn’t shut up about it to your friends.

Now, i am overwhelmed with emotions. I apologize if i missed anything. Feel free to add more. Enjoy reading and reliving 90’s!


17 Comments Add yours

  1. S. Tahir says:

    OMG – You made me nostalgic.
    I live in UK but after reading your post I seriously miss Pakistan 😦
    Thankyou for sharing. I loved reading all of this.

    1. Hira Amjad says:

      Glad you liked it =D

  2. Dr. Hafsa sarwar says:

    oh ma gaush… its amazing hira

    1. 123456 says:

      this time india won the asia cup and Pak fail

  3. Dr. Hafsa sarwar says:

    hira to be very honest.. u took me to old days.. especially bil batori naasa chor, mein kia karun mein kis ko khaoun, walkman stuff n last but not least d ever lv BUDHA JAWAAN CHURAN… i want to add that single dark colord frozen icecream jo after school mila krti thi with d name chanda icecrem etc etc… anyway lv vd dx… keep it up

    1. Hira Amjad says:

      Thankyou so much Hafsa. This really means a lot to me (=

  4. Huma sajid says:

    Just WooOowwww 🙂 (Y)
    i really really Like it !!
    I like ur interest of reading ,writing Blogs , Simply Superb 🙂

    Keep It Up B) hira 🙂
    Keep Going 🙂 !!!
    After reading i realized how awesome it was being a kid in 90′s ^_^

  5. afifa says:

    awwwwww so stunning.. you reminded me of so many things. anyhw dear hats off, great job done 🙂 keep it up sweety, really proud of you 🙂

    1. Hira Amjad says:

      Afifa baji Thankyou (=

  6. zainab says:

    Simply awesome!! I mean u literally brought back all the simple n cute memories that we r assoiciated with.Specially now, living so far away from my country really made me feel nostalgic n all i can wish after reading this is that kaaashh i could live it all over again. 🙂

    1. Hira Amjad says:

      Yayy – I am so glad that you enjoyed reading it.=)

  7. says:

    wow…kia batt thi 90’s ki ma canada ma rahta ho lakin mera dil pakistan ma hi hai or ma har waqt jab akela hota ho apna childhood time buhat yadd karta ho ma is ka under aik or cheez add karta ho who hai (eid ul ezha) jab sab dost apnay apnay bakray lay kar bahir galiyu ma ghomtay thay or apas ma mazak kartay thay us waqt ya nahi hota tha kay ya bakra kitnay ka aya hai bas sab log sath mil kar group bana kar har gali ma jatay thay koi mobile nahi hota tha bari simple life thi…..

  8. Syed M Ehtesham says:

    One of the best flashbacks. Truly took me back in front of TV watching the jet-sons! Amazing.

    1. Hira Amjad says:

      Thanks a million dear.

  9. hamza jahangir says:

    Where is the lottery wala on the cycle and the lattu tournament

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