Heaven’s Fallen

Supernatural Season 08

Supernatural Season 9, Please be  back with a bang – Heaven‘s Fallen was not so disappointing after all ^__^

Supernatural Season 8 brought back the series on track. I almost stopped watching Supernatural after season 5 (which I think would’ve been a perfect series finale). This season of Supernatural has been the best in a long time. Winchesters have some of the best adventures (in-out purgatory), and hopefully, they will continue this tradition in season 9. The surprising part is that, even after watching Eight seasons, any attempt to figure out what is going to happen next results in frustration (I don’t know about you but i always misjudge what’s gonna happen next). It is so unpredictable and mostly it’s the opposite. All in all, they’ve definitely got my attention. I just hope they can keep it in the next season.

We have still got a few weeks to go before ‘Supernatural”s season 09 premiere comes crashing to Earth on October 8. So i decided to compile some of my favorite moments from season 08 (=

1. Dean in Purgatory

The visuals were especially great in the flashbacks to Dean’s time in Purgatory with the washed out colors giving the place a bleak, war-torn look.

Dean in purgatory

2. Garth as Bobby

One of the best changes into the story line. I am looking forward to see more of Garth in season 09.

Garth is a new bobby

3. Crowley possessing Mrs Tran

It’s fun getting to see Crowley’s red smoke, as opposed to all other demons’ black smoke, especially when it came out of Kevin’s mom, who Dean was OK with killing.

crowley possessing Mrs Tran

4. Henry Winchester’s Death

This scene made me sad. As Dean and Sam are loosing a father all over again.

The death of henry winchester

5. Castiel stays in purgatory

One of the best moments, when Dean resurrects Benny and later tells Sam that Castiel died in Purgatory, that it got hairy near the end and Castiel “let go”.

castiel stays in purgatory

6. Men of Letters

The best set in the history of the series, the grand scale and seemingly endless supply of new rooms gives Sam and Dean someplace to call home.

Men of letters

7. Castiel murdering Dean again and again

Was there a more horrifying sight all season than Castiel murdering Dean and then panning back to see an entire warehouse filled with dead Deans?


8. Dean kills Benny

Dean killed his best friend from Purgatory to send him back there to save his brother.

Dean kills benny

9. Bobby’s Soul Goes to Heaven

When Bobby said his goodbye to Sam and Dean at the end of season 7, it was a fitting end to the character. But an even better ending was watching Bobby’s soul rise up to Heaven where it belongs.
Bobby's soul goes to heaven

10. Falling Angels

The final images of season 8, with angels falling from the sky after being locked out of Heaven by Metatron, was stunning, beautiful and cinematic.
Angels falling

*fingers crossed*

Countdown begins – I hope season 09 be the best of all!


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