Saving June

Note: A must, must read. I didn’t have a single criticism to make. My review is totally biased. 😛

Saving June for me was not really an emotional roller-coaster but it was definitely a page turner. This book was really a treat, especially for a travelling geek-ester like me (I just love road trips).

What saving June was all about?

Harper’s older sister June takes her life right before her graduation. Harper is devastated and doesn’t know why. Her divorced parents decide to split the ashes but Harper isn’t about to let that happen. She steals the ashes and runs off on a road trip to California to scatter the ashes across the ocean with her best friend Laney and Jake a stranger who is somehow connected to June.


Why I loved this book?

1. Obviously because of the characters. They were so believable. I know, I know “Saving June” falls under the genre of YA fiction but trust me there was something so realistic about this book and its characters that for a moment I actually thought this must have happened in real life. However, the character of Jake seemed confused at certain points; on one hand he claimed to be an atheist while on the other hand he quotes Bible as it has life changing lessons (The atheist thing didn’t fit in – it’s kind of cliched). Apart from that Jake is witty, handsome, a music lover and everything that a young girl would dream about. Oh and he sings too.

Moving towards Haper, I am a bit touche’ about this character because she is just like my younger sister. Reading about June’s and Harper’s relationship made me realize that I have a lot to talk to my sister before I die. I have to tell her things that I don’t want her to discover when I am gone (Emo shit ends here). So, in short Harper is awesome, ill mannered and everything that kids parents will not want them to be like. She highly underestimates herself and compares herself with June pretty much all the time. Throughout the book we explore Harper’s relationship with her sister and try to make some sense out of the mess June had left after her.

2. The Jake, Laney and Harper’s friendly troika. The three of them had amazing chemistry which didn’t let me put down “Saving June” even for a second. All three of them were so cute together that even their taunting episodes had their own charms. I adored the realistic dialogues between them; witty, full of emotion and often humorous.


3. Music, music and music. Usually I prefer “more story less music” type books. But trust me “Saving June” had it in her. The book convinced me that music can add multiple emotional dimensions to the story. Three of my most favorite quotes from this book are about music.

If you look at it that way, music…music can see you through anything

– Jake, Saving June

“He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that’s what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you.”

– Jake, Saving June

Without music, life would be a mistake

– Jake, Saving June

4. The road trip. Saving June is by far my most favorite road trip book ever.

So, definitely 4 stars. Harrington’s writing was fluid and compulsively readable, and she nailed the spectrum of emotion. Undoubtedly an upper class YA book. I recommend this book to realistic fiction fans, music lovers and road trip geek-esters. This book quickly shot up to the pile of my favorite books: maybe, because I have sistas and it’s so relate-able. Anyways, a “must give it a shot” type  book.



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