The Wrath & The Dawn

Author: Renee Ahdieh
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance, Retelling
Mini Review:

It’s over-hyped, over-rated and I am on the minority side of things here.

Khalid, the king of kings, is on a killing spree. Shazi vows to take revenge. On the night of their wedding Shazi tells him a story (and that too somehow related to Aladdin), Khalid falls for her. 3 days later, Shazi, who initially married Khalid to avenge her friend Shiva, is in a similar predicament. What?? The Beauty and the Beast all over again.

The Wrath and the Dawn started on a very promising note, but slowly and gradually it became quite annoying. It is an okayish first attempt. I wasn’t invested in the characters, the way I was expecting myself to be, until the last few chapters. However, despite all of that I’d like know what happens to this oh-so-cliched trio. Hoping to read a better sequel with lots of magic.


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