A Darker Shade of Magic



A fascinating story of a young boy, who is special because of his magical prowess and can travel between capitals of four different worlds. Now isn’t that the most amazing thing, like EVER?

There are four Londons (Gray, Red, White & Black), FOUR, geographically same, but on a scale from 1-4, their hierarchy on the power equation is solely defined on the basis of magic.

Black London is long forgotten, and its stories are only hushed whispers among the few who remember, otherwise considered a myth. All of a sudden, a cursed relic of Black London has found its way back, and Master Kell (the protagonist) has to do everything in his power to protect his home – Red London, from this cursed stone.

A journey narrated through multiple perspectives, which was jarring at times, but a strong female supportive character makes up for all tiny teeny flaws.


Read yourself to find out more!! Highly Recommended!! I can’t wait to read the sequel.


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