Maybe Someday – Colleen Hoover


It is a 3 star for me, once again.

Things I loved about this book: Writing style, Warren and Music. We all need a friend like Warren in our lives, this book can be made in to a good movie (with a few changes) and all those bits with music were just WOW!!

Moving on, CoHo’s concepts are brilliant and totally mind blowing. Trust me on this one, this is my second CoHo book and both of them were different and cool. The story-line was original and unique. All the side plots were spot on. She writes so freaking well.

But (unfortunately there is always a ‘but’ with me these days), it is her characterization and plot twists that I can’t stomach.

Granted, CoHo is a really good writer, and she knows her thing – etc etc, I still have few concerns. I am just not comfortable with stereotyped female characters, writings that talk about women from 20th century perspective and books in which every other female – when compared to the main character – is either a bitch or a slut or god knows what else.

I can’t deny that Sydney and Ridge had a beautiful connection, but what about life in general, their goals and objectives. This part was totally missing. Throughout the book, we read bits where Sydney wants to be independent. She even stood up to her parents, and opted for music as her majors, instead of law. But when given the chance to pursue her one and only dream, she got tangled up in all that teenage love-triangle drama.

All in all I feel I should take a break from NA or maybe I am just too old for this shit and drama. Because the more I think about it, the more problems I see in the plot. If you are a fan of NA Romance and CoHo, this is a perfect pick for you, otherwise do yourself a favor and stay away.



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