Empire of Storms

img_0211“I need book therapy”, my first thought as soon as I finished reading Empire of Storms. 

For books (especially Sarah J. Maas’s sequels) have the power to rip your heart out and shred your soul, besides leaving you speechless, helpless, yet hopeful! Yes, there is more to come. We have one more freaking book to look forward to. I keep telling this to myself after every 5 minutes or so, “Hira, hang in there. Hang in there”. 😱

The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers.

WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?! OMG!! Maas and her dreamers will get the best of me, I know for sure. I am in no position to right a formal review, but I wouldn’t hesitate while shouting this at all of you, READ THE FREAKING SERIES, ONE OF THE BEST (I repeat), the best Fantasy series out there. From characters, to world building, and not to mention the EPIC plot twists, everything is beyond amazing and SO MUCH MORE. 😝

My only sore spot is that a certain favorite character was nowhere in the book, hoping to read more about him in the finale.


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