The Problem With Forever (Spoiler-Free Review)


A book about Childhood Neglect and abuse. It delves deep into the subject and highlights how these two things can shape or impact one’s life, personality, future, and can change/scar an individual. With a slow start, the story picked up during the second half (Reason I didn’t give 4*).

The Problem With Forever was emotionally exhausting, at parts I even teared up, especially while reading about Mallory’s childhood experiences. The author did a great job in pointing out the challenges and issues foster children face, alongside highlighting the fact that no one can help you, unless you are ready to help yourself. No one can change things, unless you wanna change them yourself. One has to take the first step and grab the available opportunities.

Nothing lasts forever, this book shoves this message down your throat over and over again. Finding the right person and putting together all the scattered pieces of your soul is very much possible even if, for the time being, you think you have been scarred for life. This book made cheesy sound beautiful, you know sometimes we read stuff that sounds lame or overrated, well it was all there but with the right kind of emotions, I loved it and learned a lot from this book.

Highly recommended to YA contemporary fans. Do share your thoughts if you have read the book!


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