Nevernight (Spoiler-Free Review)


First of all let’s get this out of the way. I know many people didn’t like Nevernight and a few couldn’t even read beyond 100 pages, but friends this book ended up in the pile of my all time favorite books. Why? Because I really like overly dramatic stuff and most importantly it gives me immense joy to see people coming up with something different than the usual. Kristoff’s writing was dramatic, yet dark, bloody and glorious. Can we talk about the world building here? Just WOAH!! And footnotes were cherry on the top. Initially I was slightly distracted, but once the story was rolling I really enjoyed those bits of information.

My dear readers, this was not an easy book to read, nope. A couple of times I had to put it away to CALM THE HELL DOWN. Because poor heart just couldn’t deal with it. Nevernight follows Mia’s journey who wants to avenge her Father’s death and to achieve her goal she ends up in an academy where they train youngsters to become assassins, or more like coldblooded murderers. A simple plot with super creepy and soul shattering plot twists. It was an adult read with strong language and gory details, not at all recommended to young readers.

In a nutshell, one of those books that expects you to leave everything else, demands your full attention and most importantly your time. You can’t, just can’t read Nevernight in a rush, you will have to sit and absorb the writing, plot and characters. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to those looking for something different, something out of the box.


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