Rebel of the Sands (Spoiler-Free Review)

Set in Miraji (desert), it’s a Middle-Eastern Fantasy with djinns, magic and a crazy road trip. The fusion of Arabian mythology with a western setting was something different than the usual.

Amani, an orphan, believes that somewhere, something better is waiting for her, if only she could escape her hometown, Dustwalk, where she would end up “wed or dead”. The story follows Amani’s magical escape with an unexpected companion on a magical being called Buraq. Henceforth we embark on a never-ending road trip which had everything magical – ghouls, demji’s, caravans, but still lacked the right amount of spice (totally my opinion, you may disagree).

I gave Rebel of the Sands 3 stars, partly because midway it was a drag, and the protagonists (Amani and Jinn) lacked the right amount of drama or chemistry. Traitor to the Throne came out a week ago, and I am looking forward to reading more of Amani/Jinn as two people who are in this together, just hoping that the sequel will be better.

Recommend to those looking for one-sit reads.


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