Truthwitch (Spoiler-Free Review)

Despite all the negative reviews I read over bookstagram and goodreads, I thoroughly enjoyed Truthwitch, and will be diving right into Windwitch. This book taught me that you cannot judge a book by reading only 10-20% of it, sometimes the story actually picks up after 100 or so pages. I know Truthwitch kind of fails to grab your attention right away, it is one of those books that you can’t read in a flow, not at all one-sit type (my opinion). Honestly, it took me almost a week to wrap it up, and I am so glad I took my time to finish it, because otherwise I would have missed out on a really good Fantasy.

Isuelt and Safi, thread sisters who are bound by love, loyalty, friendship and fate, dream of a future where they can be free, happy and independent. But, fate has a plan of it’s own. Brace yourselves for a world of its kind, where blood/wind/fire/truth witches rule and sea-foxes roam the sea. You are in for a ride.

On a serious note, the world building could have been better, right from the start, it is very complicated, also not-so-easy-to-understand terms as well as references have been used repeatedly.

Highly recommended to Fantasy geeks!


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