My Life Next Door (Spoiler-Free Review)


I can’t believe that I have waited almost three weeks to review this book. Maybe because I don’t have a lot of feelings about it. I expected it to be great, everyone seems to love this book so I expected that I would love it just as much, but I was wrong.

Story follows two highschool teenagers, who are also next door neighbors. Samantha lives with her politician mother, who is running for re-election (And she is crazy ambitious). Also, she spends a lot of time watching the overcrowded lawn of her neighbors. Jase, the hot guy, lives next door and his family is everything Samantha’s isn’t – loving, loud, exciting and caring. Jase is one of 8 kids in his family. When Jase and Samantha start hanging out, they end up spending most of their time together at Jase’s house. And from then onwards the story follows their relationship and challenges they face as a duo.

I found most of the book to be boring and the first half of the book was just flat and uneventful. Since I wasn’t drooling over Jase, I wanted something to happen in the story. Nothing did for most of the book.

This is the first book by Huntley Fitzpatrick that I have read and I plan to read other books in the future. I recommend this book to those who love summers and pools. People looking for a light YA book should totally check this one out.


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