Uprooted (Spoiler-Free Review)

Inspired by Eastern Europe’s folklore, Uprooted is a work of art and a really good fantasy in the true sense. You will get magic and monsters, princes and wizards, sorcery and chivalry, but in ways you haven’t expected at all.

A cold hearted wizard, who is called Dragon, protects villages and towns from the evil Wood that occasionally swallows trespassers, drives villagers mad, or sends monsters to destroy people’s homes. However in exchange for his protection, the wizard takes one girl from the valley every ten years to serve him in his tower. Agnieszka, just another girl from the nearby village, is chosen to serve the Dragon, and that’s when she discovers how dark and frightening the world really is.

There is A LOT of Magic in there, from cooking to dressing up, to cleaning, and not to mention killing on the battlefields, everything is done using a cantrip (spell). This book presents a strong contrast between life with and without magic. The absurdity and awesomeness of it had me smiling throughout the 400+ pages, I couldn’t help but wonder how easy life could be with a little bit of magic.

The character building was yet another plus, even the antagonist’s personality was discussed as well as highlighted from both perspectives. (Hint: Just like Maleficent).

All in all a solid 4.5 star fantasy, that I can’t recommend enough.


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