New World: Rising (Spoiler-free Review)

Omg! That ending, it literally killed me, can’t wait to read the sequel. πŸ™ˆ

Solid 4.5* || New World: Rising is a really good & fast paced dystopia, set in a time where the earth has been destroyed somehow, and we are left with only two cities – Tartarus, a place ruled by 5 savage & brutal tribes and The Sanctuary, the exact opposite of Tartarus & some kind of Utopia. In Tartarus, outside Sanctuary, it is during the day that you might get yourself killed, but within darkness & shadow lies safety and protection.

After watching her parents brutally murdered by Ravagers (one of the five tribes that run the city), Pheonix (a ten year old) has to survive on her own. Her mother’s dying words – to be strong and survive – act as a motivation for her to keep going. Pheonix learns to live on her own, and she does for six years straight, until one day when she sees a little girl being chased by Ravagers, the very same people who turned her world upside down years ago. Throwing caution out of the window, Pheonix tries to save the girl and in the process ends up being captured by a group of people she has never heard of or seen before. From there onwards, she finds a new goal or more like direction in her life. Despite all, the one thing she never forgets is to survive.

I really liked the Protagonist, she was sassy, badass and strong, everything I admire and want my female characters to be like. Not just Pheonix, many other characters were strongly sketched and left their mark on the story, like for instance Mouse, Arden or The Master. Triven is yet another name which is worth mentioning, his selfless and kind nature changed a coldhearted and broken person like Pheonix and convinced her that she is still capable of compassion. Similarly, the relationship between Mouse and Pheonix was yet another plus, and takes the story a few notches above.

The world building was unique and interesting, but I have a feeling the author is gonna give more details in the sequel. Also I am totally looking forward to meeting people from the other side – Ravagers and The Ministry.

In a nutshell, highly recommended to those looking for a good dystopia.


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