Our Chemical Hearts

Hello everyone! I shamelessly ignored my blog for past two months and was barely active on Instagram and Twitter, a lot has been going on. On a brighter note, I finally managed to scrap some motivation to read a few books and here I am trying to pen down my thoughts on Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland (the most recent one I finished, like a few minutes ago)

On a side note, listening to “Kisi Ki Muskurahatoon Pay Ho Nisar” by Mukesh, featuring Raj Kapoor (celebrating silver screen) and ignoring the never ending research papers I have to write for my MPhil classes seems like a good way to spend a scorching Sunday (No kidding, it is almost 50  degrees on Celsius out there) =’)

Well, moving on to Our Chemical Hearts, WOAH!! Haunting, yet strangely beautiful at the same time. A solid 5 star, I freaking loved the characters, world building and almost everything about Our Chemical Hearts. A realistic (which usually never happens, NEVER) YA contemporary featuring two teenagers (Henry and Grace) and their whirlwind of a relationship. The book covered themes like friendship, love, heartbreak, loss and healing. A perfect mix of funny and serious, with a lot of meaning behind most things said and done by all the characters. I really liked all the secondary characters, especially their friend circle (it was GOALS).

A few quotes that I tabbed and highlighted. Yeah, I do that =’)

“I never realized that you could fall in love with humans the same way you fall in love with songs. How the tune of them could mean nothing to you at first, an unfamiliar melody, but quickly turn into a symphony carved across your skin; a hymn in the web of your veins; a harmony stitched into the lining of your soul.”

They do it because they believe that some things are more beautiful when they’ve been broken.”

“Love doesn’t need to last a lifetime for it to be real. You can’t judge the quality of a love by the length of time it lasts. Everything dies, love included. Sometimes it dies with a person, sometimes it dies on its own. The greatest love story ever told doesn’t have to be about two people who spent their whole lives together. It might be about a love that lasted two weeks or two months or two years, but burned brighter and hotter and more brilliantly than any other love before or after. Don’t mourn a failed love; there is no such thing.”

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy, Grace. Reading Harry Potter is what is right.”

All the Harry Potter references were just perfect and made me like it even more. Overall a brilliant debut that was equal parts humor and heartbreaking. Well-written and original, if you are looking for a good contemporary, I recommend that you check this one out. ASAP!!


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  1. I read Our Chemical Hearts in November last year and I loved it as well. I loved the character the world and the themes. And I also like Krystal’s writing style. I’m looking forward to her next book.

    1. Hira Amjad says:

      I LOVED the book too. Looking forward to her new book as well.

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